The House

Eastern House

(of the Azure Dragon)

  • Cardinal Direction:East
  • World Region:Asia-Pacific
  • Color:Blue (Azure)
  • Element:Wood
  • Season:Spring
  • Guardian of Lands & Forests -
    Issues include forestry, agriculture, soil conservation, water conservation, deforestation, desertification,Natural Heritage sites, etc.

Western House

(of the White Tiger)

  • Cardinal Direction:West
  • World Region:Americas
  • Color:White
  • Element:Metal
  • Season:Fall
  • Symbol of Hope, Peace & Prosperity -
    Concerned with Humanitarian Issues, include hunger, poverty, diseases, over population, human rights, natural disaster response, etc.

Southern House

(of the Vermilion Bird)

  • Cardinal Direction:South
  • World Region:Africa
  • Color:Red
  • Element:Fire
  • Season:Summer
  • Symbolic Manifestation of Energy -
    Issues include nuclear, hydro, solar & chemical energy production, every conservation, sustainable energy sources, etc.

Northern House

(of the Black Tortoise)

  • Cardinal Direction:North
  • World Region:Europe
  • Color:Black
  • Element:Water
  • Season:Winter
  • Guardian of Waters -
    Issues include water pollution, over fishing, illegal fishing methods, aquaculture, marine conservation, offshore drilling, etc.

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Northern House

Southern House

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