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Prospective Faculty

At KCIS our dedicated faculty members promote independent learning, critical thinking and self-reflection in a nurturing and caring environment. Skilled and talented in their subject areas, KCIS teachers go beyond teaching the mastery of basic skills by embracing the principles that we hold dear: Global participation, Responsibility, Effective communication, Active achievement and True critical and creative thinking.

If you would like to be considered for a position at KCIS, please send your resume to ​ Your application will be reviewed carefully and placed in our applicant data file for consideration for suitable positions.

Preference is given to the following academic training:

  • Middle School: Dual majors in two middle school subject areas or a major with strong minor. Certification required.
  • High School: A major with breadth and depth in subject to be taught. A post graduate degree in subject area preferred. Certification required.


Teaching at Kang Chiao International School :: Taipei Campus has been an incredible experience. We have a wonderfully supportive and encouraging administration, and a very professional, dedicated faculty. Finally, and most importantly, our students are respectful, friendly and motivated. I really love coming to work every day!

Jeremy Peterson - US Teacher