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Athletics and Activities

KCIS students are required to perform 80 hours of community service.  Extracurricular offerings include soccer, basketball, volleyball, triathlon, canoe polo, orchestra, music, Model United Nations, HOBY Youth Leadership Camp, People to People Ambassador program, Student Council, ASEAN Summit, NASA Space Program and more than 44 different clubs offered at both middle and high school levels.

KCIS students are required to participate in the following “Exploring Taiwan/Asia Program”:

  • Climbing Syue Mountain (Grade 8) (3,886 meters/3 days)
  • Swimming across Sun Moon Lake (Grade 9) (3.3 kilometers)
  • Attending the Cultural Exchange Program in Malaysia and Singapore (Grade 9/12 days)
  • Cycling around Taiwan (Grade 10) ( 1,000 kilometers/12 days)

Athletics and Activities